Child Dedication

North Harbor practices “believer’s baptism” (see below) and therefore does not perform infant baptisms.  However, we do have an annual child dedication ceremony every year in mid-June during our normally scheduled service.  We believe that raising a faithful family is a community affair and place great importance on the role of the congregation in the work of raising children.  Child dedication is a North Harbor community agreement where parents agree to faithfully raise their kids in the Christian faith and the congregation agrees to walk with the parents through their parenting years offering encouragement and support.  Anyone wanting to dedicate their child must have completed a Spiritual Parenting class prior to the dedication ceremony.  Contact Lisa at for more information.


North Harbor holds an annual Baptism celebration the first Sunday of August.  Baptism is the believer’s declaration to the community at large of his or her intent to devote their life to following Jesus.  Our annual baptism celebration, therefore, is one of the highlights of the year and a very important event in the North Harbor community.  Those being baptized must meet with someone from the North Harbor pastoral staff and share their story of coming to faith via video prior to their baptism.  Contact Dan at if you are interested in learning more about baptism at North Harbor.

Benevolence Funds

At North Harbor we believe that poverty and financial crisis are best dealt with in the context of community and relational connection.  With that thought in mind, we do not give relief funds to those who make cold calls to our office or via email.  Rather, we work with local agencies that are more specially equip to work with people in such situations.  See the link below for a more detailed explanation of our Benevolence Policy.

Benevolence Policy:


Our budget is determined by the leadership of our Board of Directors and Treasurer every year.  A basic review of last year’s budget numbers and the upcoming year’s numbers is presented at our Annual Meeting in July.  A fuller explanation is scheduled by the Treasurer for the week or two following the annual meeting.  For anyone wanting a more detailed explanation please contact Pastor Dan at


Our Constitution is North Harbor’s governing document setting guidelines for how we run our organization.