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07.16.17- Hospitality

07.09.17 - Hospitality

07.02.17 - Hospitality

06.25.17 - Hospitality

06.18.17 - Hospitality 

06.11.17- Hospitality

06.04.17 - Hospitality

05.28.17 - Eastertide 2017

05.21.17 - Eastertide 2017

05.14.17 - Eastertide 2017

05.07.17 - Eastertide 2017

04.30.17 - Eastertide 2017

04.23.17 - Eastertide 2017

04.16.17 - Easter 2017

04.09.17 Palm Sunday 2017


It is not uncommon for churches to grant sabbaticals to their full-time staff.  In an effort to educate the congregation on the merits of such policies, several current and former leaders of North Harbor discussed with the congregation the theology and practicalities of this practice. 

We have posted an album of resources concerning Pastor Dan's sabbatical here.  Please take the time to learn more about this incredible practice of trusting God.  As always, the Board of Directors and our staff are available to answer any questions you may have.

02.26.17 - Panel discussion

The Fruit of the Spirit

For the next nine months beginning in September we will be teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit as listed by Paul in Galatians chapter 5.  Each month will be devoted to one of the fruit listed.










01.15.17 - Fruit of the Spirit - recap

Epiphany 2017

12.18.16 - Patience 4: Arrival

12.11.16 - Patience: Part 2: Turning Point

12.04.16 - Patience: Part 1: Stump

11.20.16 - Peace: Part 3: Pause

11.13.16 - Peace: Part 2: Whole

11.06.16 - Peace: Part 1: Presence

10.30.16 - Joy: Part 4: Song

10.23.16 - Joy: Part 3: Choice

10.09.16 - Joy: Part 2: Anticipation

10.02.16 - Joy: Part 1: Source

09.25.16 - Love: Part 4: More Than

09.18.16 - Love Part 3: Unconditional

09.11.16 - Love Part 2: Rooted

09.04.16 - Love Part 1: More than a Feeling

06.19.16 - Child Dedication, Kids' Cove and Floodgate Commencement:

Pastor Dan shares some thoughts from story of the Prodigal Son on this very special day of celebration for the families in our church.

05.22.16 - Spiritual Transformation with Steve Smith:

We are very fortunate to have Steve Smith visit us and share this powerful sermon.  If you are seeking, praying, or hoping for significant spiritual transformation please take the time to listen to Steve's sermon below.


A Peace of Suffering

For Lent this season we'll be exploring the experience of suffering and the role it plays in the life of faith.  Several people from North Harbor's teaching team will be sharing their thoughts for this powerful series.

Life Abundant

What would our faith look like if we could really wrap our minds around God's generosity toward us?  What would our generosity look like if we could get a vision of God's great abundance?  This series is design to inspire by de-bunking the myth of scarcity that is so prevalent in our society.

Prepare Him Room

As we prepare our hearts for Advent and the coming Christ North Harbor will be studying the discipline of Sabbath-keeping.  In a world that pushes for more, more, more, practicing Sabbath is a bold stance which will have a profound impact on our spiritual development.

What Sort of Man?

In this series we'll explore the kind of man that Jesus is.  Not so much the grand theological titles we hear so often; Messiah, Savior, Son of God,   but the down-to-earth what was Jesus like kind of characterizations.  What made Jesus sad, what did he demand of his followers, what made him angry?  We'll be exploring what kind of person he was.

Come and See

As North Harbor gears up for it's 10th anniversary on September 27th we'll be doing a short series on the importance of evangelism called Come and See.  The idea of sharing our faith with neighbors, co-workers, relatives and friends can be a bit intimidating.  Perhaps many of us have had very awkward conversations about faith as so shy away from it all together.  This series will debunk some myths about evangelism and equip us with new tools for sharing our faith.

Game Changer

The resurrection of Jesus is a game changer in the history of the world and the hearts of individuals.  This truth is clearly seen in the lives of his earliest followers.  Looking at narratives from the book of Acts, we'll see how the resurrection of Jesus is a game changer, in very practical ways, for the people of the early church.

I Give Up

In celebrating Lent this year we'll be hearing from several people within the North Harbor community who came to a crossroads in their faith when they decided to "give up" and let God have His way.  This series will mostly be made up of powerful testimonies of personal transformation.

Thy Kingdom Come

What does it mean to be a part of God's kingdom?  Who are the poor and what causes poverty?  How do we give responsibly?  What do those who work with the poor have to teach us on charity?  These are some of the questions Pastor Dan will be tackling as we look at what the bible says about poverty and charity.

The Letter to the Ephesians: Beginning in June of 2014, North Harbor's teaching team began a series on the book of Ephesians.  This is a verse by verse exploration of the book that will take place between other scheduled sermon series.

Breaking Bread is a five part series on the historic practice of communion common among most of Christianity's churches.  In this powerful series we hope to reveal why the practice of communion is so important and necessary in the life of the church.