Sabbatical: Sermon Prep Guide

In our last annual church meeting, the board presented the policy they developed around providing Sabbatical leave for our full time staff. In lieu of a sermon this week, we will be hearing from a panel of folks about what a Sabbatical is. 

READ Leviticus 25:1-7 What strikes you about this passage? What makes you wonder? 


What is a Sabbath? [hint: see Exodus 20:8-11]


Why might the instructions in this passage be agriculturally important, a healthy way to develop the land? Why might they be spiritually important, a healthy way to develop the people? 


READ EZEKIEL 20:12  How might Sabbath be related to sanctification (that means to free from sin; purify)? 


In the context of a year of attention on the Fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-25), how might you think about the symbolism that this passage could provide? [hint: how dependent is the harvest of fruit on the work of human hands?]


How might Sabbath be related to trust? How does your own practice of Sabbath give a sign of your dependence on God? 


Peace Week 2 Sermon Prep

Before you settle into study, try to write out how you define PEACE.


READ Leviticus 3:6-8, and verse 11

  1. Why is this Peace Offering Happening?
  2. What is this Peace Offering accomplishing?  
  3. Is a negative thing being removed?  Is a positive thing being restored? Both?

READ Romans 4:24- 5:2.

Can  you confidently proclaim for their own lives what Paul says in these verses?

  1. If so, why do you feel as confident as Paul?  
  2. If not, what is it that prevents you from confidently declaring that you have peace with God?

Re-READ Romans 5:1-2

  1. Does Jesus remove anything negative between our relationship with God?  If so, what?
  2. Does Jesus add anything positive between our relationship with God?  If so, what?

Revisit Galatians 5:22-23

The Fruit of the Spirit is an outpouring in your life and relationships when the Spirit of God is at work within you. The above passage speak good truths on the peace Jesus makes possible between us and God. What does it look like for this peace to overflow from your life? Where do you see this fruit in others in your community? What is it like to benefit from this fruit?