Sermon Prep: Two Lives to Live

This week Pastor John Andrade will be preaching on Philippians 3:17-21.

First off, pray to God for His light to see and understand what He would have your heart and mind come to know. 

Secondly, spend some time reading and meditating on the passage. 

What strikes you? 

What challenges you?

What encourages you?

What peeks your curiosity?

What motivates you towards transformation? 

Re-Read verse 21. Now read Genesis 1:28. What type of power do you see in common between these two verses? What does this say to you about fully living out our humanity here and now as God intended, and as is instructed in both these passages? 


Lastly, return to God in prayer. How has God spoken to your heart through this time and His word? Who in your life lives their life like an example worthy of being followed? How does your own way of walking through life need to be filled with the power of Christ to better fulfill His commands and desires for you? 

Close in prayer that God would help draw you closer to Him, His Way, and His love.  


Other passages for further reflection:

Matthew 6:19-21

1st John 3:1-3

John 14:1-3

Revelation 21:1-4

Revelation 22:1-5