KINDNESS: Sermon Prep Guide

Most Sunday School storytelling of the story of Jonah ends with chapter 2, but this week, we're going to look at the real ending. It's a short book overall, so if you have the time, it wouldn't hurt to read it in its entirety. If nothing else . . . 

READ Jonah 4

What do you most resonate with in this passage? What do you most resist in this passage?


How would you compare and contrast Jonah's and God's feelings towards Nineveh? 

Have you ever witnessed a bad person seeming to get off too easy? Can you think of any person or group of people you would rather see face the consequences of their own actions rather than the mercy of God? 


What do you learn about God through the process of reading and reflecting on your reaction to these verses?


One might argue that it would be difficult to describe God's treatment of Jonah throughout this book as "nice." And yet, how might it still be considered an illustration of kindness? 


What do you learn about yourself through this reflection? What do you learn about your relationship to others and/or your role in community in reflecting on this passage? 


After spending time with God and reading through this passage, consider, are there any ways that God is calling you to turn away from evil and towards Him right now? After seeing him walk with the Ninevites through such a process, how does it feel to have such a call on your life? How do you respond with your heart, mind, and soul to this call?