Community groups starting back up!

The mission of North Harbor’s Community Development Ministries is to provide opportunities for people to grow in relationship with the people of Jesus’ Body, the Church. We hope that through growing in relationship with people of the Church, you might have a stronger sense of belonging to Christ, His Body, and our community in particular. 

We have 3 kinds of groups:

Communities Under Development: Co-ed, 6-15 ppl

>     Learning together to be LIKE Christ

Discipleship Groups: Gender specific, 4 ppl

>     Practicing together being WITH Christ

Commission Teams: Co-ed, size varies

>     Supporting each other in living FOR Christ


SIX Fresh Openings:

· CUD: small co-ed groups using guides to prepare for Sunday’s sermons through quiet time with God and His word.

    • Brunswick on Tuesdays
    • Bath on Thursdays

· Our men's group meets on Wednesday mornings (5am)

· Commission Teams: following God’s leading to love our neighbors

    • Forney’s Care Team [Czech Republic]
    • Local Missions

· Discipleship Groups 

    • Always open to gather new groups
    •  Solitude and Silence group taking new members

Do you see God leading the way in a particular work? Would you like others to partner with you in this work? Contact Zoe to discuss starting a new team!

Check out these cards with my contact info, and also your cheat sheet on the types of groups we offer – for your own reference and in case other folks ask!