PATIENCE Week 3: Sermon Prep Guide

Begin by READING Psalm 146 as a prayer for entering into your time of study.

READ James 5:7-10

What are we supposed to be patiently waiting for?


What implications does this passage have on how we go about our Christian lives? How does this inform our morality, evangelism, ministry?


How is this kind of patience also a sense of urgency?


Speaking of considering patient prophets (verse 10), here’s a word from Isaiah:


READ Isaiah 35:1-10

What do you most resonate with in this passage?


What do you most resist in this passage?


What do you learn about God through the process of reading and reflecting on your reaction to these verses?

What do you learn about yourself?


What do you learn about your role in community?


After reading these passages, what is one practice you would like your community group to hold you accountable to for the next week? [Leaders: write down each member’s answer so you can follow up next week!]