Sermon Prep: Ephesians 4:25-32

Getting to Know You: What is one bad habit you’ve managed to break? What motivated you to do so?  


Getting to Know the Bible:

1)    In verses 25-27, what do you learn about

a.     speaking truth to one another

b.     b) anger?

2)    This is not just a simple do and don’t list. It gives a helpful picture of WHY behaviors are to be removed ~ and replaced. What are those pictures?

a.     What does that tell you about God’s instructions? Purposes?  

3)    Consider the call to forgiveness here. [vs. 32] What do you learn about forgiveness? Try re-reading the whole chapter with forgiveness in mind. Who might you need to forgive? How does this scripture empower you to do so?

Applying Myself to This Message:

What would happen if we headed these instructions?

How would you be more complete?

How would the Body of Christ function better?