Ephesians 4:7-16 Sermon Prep

Getting to Know You:

1)    Consider your childhood, what was a trick, lie, false story someone was able to get you to believe?

2)    Describe a time and place when you felt like you truly belonged.


Getting to Know the Bible:

Read Ephesians 4:7-16

1)    Does anything feel contradictory or confusing on your first reading? Spend an extra few minutes [or come back to it at least once on another day] praying about that and thinking through what doesn’t seem simple to understand.

2)    Read verse 8. This is a reference back to Psalm 68:18. Take a look at that verse. What is different about how it is quoted here in Ephesians? What do you make of the difference?

3)    What does Christian maturity look like? When and how can it be reached? Who needs to be involved for it to be achieved? [extra credit: per the phrase in vs. 13 “until we all attain . . .” for more on this read Hebrews 11. How does it make you feel to consider that the people mentioned there are waiting to experience glory until you can join them?!?]

4)    Read verses 14 and 15. How doe these two verses present contrasting pictures? Whose well-being is prioritized by the forces moving the children [cunning men in verse 14] versus the maturing Christians [Christian brothers and sisters in vs. 15]?

5)    Read verse 16. Describe what it looks like or means for the Body of Christ to undergo bodily growth. How does this happen? What are/will things be like when this does happen?

6)    What do you learn about God from this passage?

7)    Still can’t get enough? I know! This is so good!! ;) Read the book of Colossians. Highlight where you see inspiration that might have been used to write this passage in Ephesians. How does this enhance your insight on the message of the passage?


How Do I Apply Myself to This Message?

Verse 11 describes some of the gifts God has given the Body of Christ, namely, ministers to serve it and equip us to be built up in maturity. How have you been built up by Christian ministers/brothers/sisters? Are you living in a way that makes good use of those gifts?


Read 1 Corinthians 13. How are you doing you part in building our group up in love? Do you use your gifts to do so? If you don’t feel you are doing that, how might you?


Read verse 15. Work on memorizing this verse. As you commit the words to memory, meditate on the meaning and instruction. Consider how you can internalize this command and live it out.