Ephesians Series Resumed

May 31: Potluck Sunday

Read all of Ephesians Chapter 4

1)    Read the chapter again and identify which three words ring out to you as important when you read this chapter? [try readying through and circling key words as you go]

2)    Read the chapter again [this might be on a separate day from the above] and identify at least one verse that you could underline in this chapter that brings you encouragement or hope?

a.     Consider trying to memorize this verse over the course of this next month’s sermon series. Write it out and post it somewhere you will see it often – a mirror, car dashboard, on the back of your phone.

3)    Read the chapter again and identify at least one verse that you would highlight as raising a challenge or question for you?

a.     How would you state that question? [ex: What does he mean when he says . . . ? Why is it so hard for me to apply . . . ? How can it be this way and that way at the same time? How to I reconcile myself to the fact that the Bible says . . . ?] Hold onto that question, find the bold courage to wrestle with it. Listen closely to the upcoming sermon series to see if your question is addressed from the pulpit. [consider even contacting Zoë Reyes [zoefaithreyes@gmail.com] or Dan Wells to share your question] Pay close attention to your quiet times of prayer and study over the sermon prep and community group discussion to see if God offers you insight to either answer or help your revise your question. At the end of the series, see where you stand, how you feel about the question you’ve articulated. If you’re in a community group, consider making a point of circling back around to these questions with each other at the end of the series.