Game Changer: Good Things

Revision on Acts 14.8-20: Good Things

The more Dan prepared to preach on this passage, the more he was drawn to the theme of good things, rather than success.

1)    Identify some of the “good things” that people experience or receive referenced in this passage [hint: verse 10, 15, 17]. Who gives each of these good things? Who gets credit for these good things?


Gratitude is a good things, but this passage and Dan’s sermon taught us that being grateful for good things can be problematic when a) we look at good things as ultimate things or b) we treasure/worship the good thing above the giver of the good thing. We need to shift our mind and hearts from good things to the giver of good things.


2)    Read James 1:17. Rewrite this verse in your own words. Try practicing embracing this truth. Make a list of three “good things” in your life, be as specific as possible. For each of these things, is your heart tied more to the good thing, or to the Giver of the goodness of the thing, God? Spend some time using specific examples to thank God for being the giver of all good gifts.