Game Changer: Success [Sermon Prep for May 17]

Getting to Know You:

Recount a time when something you accomplished gained some glory or notoriety. What kind of attention did you get? How did it feel? How hard had you worked for that praise?

Getting to Know the Bible:

Read Acts 14:8-20

1) What strikes you?

2) Sketch a brief simple outline of the public sentiment on Paul and Barnabas [how do the crowds feel about them from one moment to the next?]

3) What did the lame man do to earn his healing?

4) What were the crowds of Lystra aim to do for Paul and Barnabas? Why do you think they were so eager and insistent with their behavior? How does this contrast what you learn from question 3?

5) How would you feel if you received the treatment Paul and Barnabas did? How do the crowds' reactions make Paul and Barnabas feel? Why?

How do I apply myself to this message?

Do we recognize that not all positive response to our work are positive response s to God? 

How do we keep ourselves out of the way when things go well?