Sermon Prep: Easter

[please note: due to Dan's illness last Sunday, he will be preaching this sermon April 12 instead. More time to prepare!]

Easter: Dan Wells, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?"  

Getting to Know You: How do you like to celebrate Easter? How might you continue to celebrate Easter, the memorial of the most miraculous and significant event in all of history, beyond the one day itself?

Getting to Know the Bible:

1)    Read Luke 24:1-12

After reading through this whole passage once, come back to revisit the sentence, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” How does this question confront their thinking and misconceptions? How can you apply yourself to this story? 

2)    Read Romans 8:35-39

How do we think of Christ as “among the dead” now? Ineffectual, something trapped in the past, something that no longer has the life force to move and work and have an impact in the world? How does this passage stand in stark contrast to a picture of people who “seeking the living among the dead”?

3)    Read Matthew 28:16-17

Post resurrection, Jesus commissions the disciples. How have their hearts been transformed since His crucifixion? What more work needs to be done? How are they still “seeking the living among the dead,” at this point? How has your heart been transformed by His crucifixion? How has your life been transformed by His resurrection? What more work do you need to do?

Applying yourself to the message:

Where can/should you now seek after Christ? Where do you find Him?