Game Changer: Loyalties [Sermon Prep for May 3]

Week 5: Loyalties

Getting to Know You:

Imagine if your personality were a male name. Which would fit you best?
6)    Jacques

Getting to Know the Bible:

In defense of his faith, Stephen challenges the Jewish leaders’ view of the temple.  His argument betrays a profound understanding of God but it costs him his life. 

Read Acts 6:8-8:3

1) Stephen gives a nice succinct summary of the history of the People of God. Does anything strike you or stand out to you in reading this overview?

2) In verse 14, the elders and the teachers of the law specifically challenge Stephen’s respect for Moses. What do Stephen and Moses share in common?  What does Stephen’s defense do to enlighten us to the relevant truths about Moses in Stephen’s estimation and context?

3) How does the theme of idolatry [giving praise, devotion, loyalty to someone other than God] come up throughout this whole passage, through Stephen’s historical summary as well as his rebuke of the elders and teachers of the law?

Applying Yourself to this Message:

1)    What old loyalties are we clinging to that may be challenging our devotion to Christ? 

2)    What do you fear it will cost you to challenge those loyalties?