Game Changer: Strength [Sermon Prep for April 26]

Getting to Know You

Recount a time when you pleasantly surprised yourself with your own strength, capacity, or ability.


Getting to Know the Bible

Read Acts 3:1-26


1)    What is the gate called where the lame man is sitting? When he asks Peter and John for alms, what is the first thing Peter says in response? What do you think the man sees when he looks at Peter and John?

2)    Observe the lame man’s behavior and actions after he is healed [through verse 11]. What strikes you?

3)    Reread vs. 11-26.

a.     Look carefully at verse 17. How does Peter address his audience? How does this feel to you in the context of the rest of what he is saying in these verses? Especially note the stark contrasts illustrated in verse 15 that convey the gravity of Peter’s message.

4)    By whose faith was the man healed?



Applying Yourself to this message

Read vs 19-20 what part of this offer appeals to you?

Peter draws a crowd with a miraculous work but makes it clear that the powerful work is not of his own doing.  Where do we draw our strength? 

What kind of work would we be able to do if we were drawing on the power of Jesus?