Sermon Prep. March 15: I give up . . . My perspective

Sermon Prep Guides this season will be simplified. I will simply ask you to meditate during the week on a given passage of scripture and spend time in prayer with God. Consider giving the passage a read at least once in the week, perhaps once each day, and spending the time you would usually spend studying sitting quietly, listening, watching, waiting for God’s leading, word, presence, and consolation in your life. We encourage community gropus to consider giving something up during this season – either choose something in common to give up, or simply support one another in pursuing this discipline. Just remember, Lent, and all spiritual disciplines, need to be about God and your relationship with Him – not your need for a slimmer waist [through giving up chocolate for selfish reasons, for example].

 If you would like to learn more about Lent or work with additional resources, you might find this website and its accompanying videos/apps/links/resources helpful:

As you repent, my prayer for our church is that you would relinquish your sin so that you can receive God’s grace.

Passage for meditation: Psalm 127.3-5

I Give Up . . . My Perspective (John Schanck)