"Let's Get to Work, Partner!" (Sermon Prep. for November 15)

Getting to Know You: Think of a person you've enjoyed partnering with to do a task [work, personal, community project, whatever kind of task] .  What made that person a good partner? What types of qualities would make you want to avoid partnering with a person?

Getting to Know the Bible [consider taking one day to read and enjoy each passage below]:

Read Matthew 11:28-30

How would you describe God as someone to partner with in doing work?

Describe the kind of trust required to be able to enjoy God's rest.

Read Exodus 5:1-6:12

A yoke was a farming tool used to hitch two animals together to carry a load. It can provide a picture for two beings partnering in a task together. How would you compare Pharaoh's [Exodus 6:6] and God's [Matthew 11:30] "yokes" (how do they compare as partners for doing work)?

Describe Pharaoh's greed with respect to the resource of the Israelite people. How does his greed affect the kind of partner he is to work with?

Read Exodus 16

Often, when a person is overpowered or abused, given the opportunity, they will themselves overpower or abuse someone weaker than themselves. This happens both on individual and historical levels. Consider the greed with which Pharaoh treated the Israelites. Is something of that greed showing up in the Israelites in this passage? How does God use discipline to work healing from the trauma of their slavery?

What does this passage have to do with trust? What does this passage have to do with rest/Sabbath?

Applying Myself to this Message:

What is something you are greedy for that you could instead trust God with? How might you experience God's rest if you chose trust in this area?

How would God describe you as someone to partner with in work? How do you experience God's grace when you consider that as your work partner, God desires to give you rest?