What Sort of Man: Single-Minded

Getting to know you: 
What's the craziest accident you've ever gotten in (car or otherwise)? 

Getting to know the bible:
1) Read Luke 9:46-62. What strikes you? What challenges you? What encourages you? What questions does it raise for you?

2) Based on reading this passage, what sort of man is this Jesus? 

3) Pick one of the many examples in this passage where Jesus behaves differently than the people in the story expected him too. What does his surprising behavior teach you about what He values? 

Applying myself to this message:
1) Towards what are some of this story's characters "faces set?" Toward what is Jesus' face set (literally and figuratively)? Toward what is your face set? 

2) What is one change you could make in your life to make yourself better fit for the kingdom of God? (See verse 62) imagine yourself putting that into practice before next Sunday rolls around. What does that scene look like?