What Sort of Man: Feeding of the 5000

Use as much of this guide as is helpful for you in engaging with the passage that will be preached on this next Sunday. Join our Community Under Development to discuss these guides with others. The group is in its 2nd week right now - meeting Wednesdays, 7pm, at the Church office with the one and only John Schanck!

Getting to know you:
Recall a time when you were depleted in some way (sick, exhausted, worn out, sad, etc) and THEN someone stepped in and asked something of you. Share: how did that feel? What kind of mood did that put you in? 

Getting to know the Bible:
1) Read Matthew 14: 13-21
What strikes you? What challenges you? What encourages you? What questions does it raise?

2) Pull back. Read Matthew 14:1-21. 
What state do you think Jesus was in at verse 13? As he withdraws, the crowd follows Him. With what emotion does He respond to them? (Vs 14). What sort of man is this Jesus?

3) What is the disciples' plan for the evening? Who does Jesus say should take care of the problem at hand? How is the problem solved? (Esp consider vs. 18) what do you learn about how Jesus takes care of problems that concern Him? What sort of man is this Jesus?  

Applying yourself to this message: 
Do you have observations/concerns for this world and/or the people in it? How/where do you think your concerns align with the heart of God? What do you learn from this story about how your concern might be addressed to Jesus' liking? 

What does Jesus' display of compassion in this story mean to you personally? How do you experience and know His compassion for YOU?