What Sort of Man: Feed My Sheep

Sermon Preparation Guide for John 21:15-19

Use however much of this guide is helpful to you in engaging with the passage to be preached on this coming Sunday [October 11]. Our goal is that you get to meet directly with God and hear from Him before hearing from anyone else about what God wants to tell you through His word. 

Getting to know you:

What's the most abundant breakfast you can remember eating? 


Getting to know the bible:

Read John 21.15-19. What strikes you? What questions does it make you wonder about? 


Pull back. Read the passage but this time begin at verse 1 (aka John 21:1-19). What strikes you this time? What questions does it make you wonder about? 


What do you learn about the sort of man Jesus is?


Pull back even further. Read John 13:34-38. Now re-read John 21:15-19. What do you learn about the heart of Christ? How does He desire us to respond to who He is? 


Applying myself to this message: 

How would you answer Jesus' question to Peter? How would Christ respond to your answer? 


Consider an area in your life where God is asking for your obedience or service. What resources are you using to accomplish this work? 


Where does the food come from that they eat for breakfast in this story?  When God calls us to do a great work of obedience, where does the strength/supply/power come from to get the job done? 


How might this passage shape how you understand your partnership with Christ as you follow Him in obedience?