Ramping up to re-enter the Ephesians Sermon Series

Starting in September, we will re-enter our Ephesians sermon series. You can catch up on Dan's sermons on Ephesians 1 here under "Letter to the Ephesians." And/or you can spend some time in Ephesians 1 for yourself using the following guide. 

Use as much or as little of this study guides as you find edifying. You might consider breaking up each of the following 4 sessions over 4 days of study.

Consider praying Ephesians 1:16-29 repeatedly for your community group as you anticipate (re)joining them this fall.

To learn more about our group offerings visit our Community Groups page. To sign up for a community group, please email Zoë Reyes, Community Development Director, at zoefaithreyes at gmail.com with the type of group you're interested in, the nights your available and/or a particular group leader you'd like to join. 

Session One: Ephesians

Read through the whole book of Ephesians to get an overview. Just read.

Session Two: The Wealth of His Grace

Read Ephesians 1:1-10

1) How do we form our identity in Christ? 

2) What has God delivered you from in particular? What would your life look like without the work He is doing in and for you now and throughout your life? [see vs. 4-10, esp. vs. 7] 

3) We aren't chosen for our own sake, but for the sake of what God wants to accomplish through us. In what ways might God want to bless (or how is he already blessing) others through you or your Christian community? ( N. T. Wright. Ephesians)

3b) For further study:
Read Genesis 12:1-8.  How do you see this passage relating to what Paul is talking about here in Ephesians? How do you see this passage relating to you personally?

4) What is God’s plan? (see vs. 10)

5) What do you learn in these verses about Jesus and our relationship to Him? 

Session Three: Inheritance and the Spirit

Read Ephesians 1:11-14

1) Is there a particular statement that you find particularly thought provoking or penetrating?

2) What is our promised inheritance (v. 11)? (N. T. Wright. Ephesians)

3) What do you learn in these verses about Jesus and our relationship to Him?

Session Four: Knowing the Power of the King

Read Ephesians 1:15-23

1) What do you learn in these verses about Jesus and our relationship to Him?

2) Paul doesn't imagine that all Christians will automatically be able to recognize the power of God. It will take, as he says in verse 17, a fresh gift of wisdom, of coming to see things people don't normally see. And this in turn will come about through knowing Jesus and having what Paul calls "the eyes of your innermost self" opened to God's light. What should and shouldn't using this power look like in our daily lives? How have you experienced this power in your life? (N. T. Wright. Ephesians)

3) What is the church?

4) What does it mean to be the fullness of the one who fills all in all?