Sermon Prep for Nov. 9: Ephesians 3:1-7

Week 1:  Ephesians 3.1-7

This passage deals with Paul’s joy at his own calling to preach the Gospel to Gentiles

Getting to Know You: Imagine if you were a profession. Which would you be?

1)    Astronaut
2)    Photographer
3)    Lawyer
4)    Chef
5)    Model
6)    Brick layer


Day 1:

Ephesians Re-Cap:

We’ve been doing a sermon series on Ephesians for some months, taking breaks for topical mini-series along the way. In September, we studied Ephesians 2. Consider reviewing your own notes from these sermons, catching up on sermons you missed online, re-reading Ephesians chapters 1 and 2. Below are some short sermon recaps:


In verses 1-10, Dan taught about how Identity shapes decision-making. We’ve been made alive together with Christ, the choices we make should flow from our identity as raised with Christ. This is a daily decision we need to make.


In verses 11-13, John Andrade taught us to remember that we were all once excluded. We all need Jesus. Christ destroys the barriers of inner circles so that all have access and the gospel is unleashed.


In verses 14-18, Dan taught us that you can’t separate your own salvation from your love of other people. Jesus did the work to tear down walls of hostility between us all, so we need to stop acting like the walls are still there – we need to stop harboring hostility and instead experience the salvation of God.


In verses 19-22, Dan taught us that we that believe in Christ are together the new Temple, with Christ as the cornerstone, where the Spirit of God dwells. We as the body, with Christ as the head, can meet each other’s needs, just as the Jews had all their needs met in the temple.


And now we’ll enter into Ephesians 3 for the next three weeks. . . .


Day 2:

Getting to Know the Bible: Read Ephesians 3.1-7

Try to explain what Paul means by “the commission (or stewardship) of God’s grace “ in verse 2. [the original word is “oikonomia” . . . try to unpack what that means in this context]


How would you explain in your own words what Paul’s “ understanding of the mystery of Christ” is? (vs. 4) see Ephesians 1:9-10 and 2:11-22


How do I apply myself to this message?

Are you “a prisoner for Christ”? For what reason? [see Ephesians 2:21-3:1]


Day 3:

Getting to Know the Bible: Read Acts 9.1-31

(Note: if you’ve been around church enough for the story of the Saul/Paul conversion to be familiar, try reading this in an unfamiliar translation to freshen things up)


Look at verse 11. It says of Paul, “at this moment he is praying.” What does Paul’s praying look like in that moment? How does this shape how you might consider the act of prayer?


Look at verse 15. God calls Paul an “instrument of the Lord.” How does this shape how you think about what it means for Paul to have a calling? For you to have a calling?


How do I apply myself to this message?

Read verse 31. What would it look like for you to participate in and help our church to “live in fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit”?


Day 4:

Getting to Know the Bible: Re-Read Ephesians 3.1-7

What do you think it means that Paul has become a servant of this gospel? (vs. 7)


Contrast Paul’s posture/actions towards Christians in the beginning of Acts 9 with the types of descriptors he uses in reference to himself in this section of Ephesians. What does this tell you about the nature of Christianity or being a Christian?


How do I apply myself to this message?

Read verse 7. So often I think of God’s grace as salvation, but here it seems to be a gift of employment of sorts. What is God’s gift of grace to you in particular?