Sermon Prep for Oct. 12: Exodus 12.1 – 13.22

Week 2 of Breaking Bread: Exodus 12.1 – 13.22

Getting to Know you: What are some of the rituals you go through before departing for a trip? (Such as: Do you start planning weeks in advance or are you cramming things into a suitcase as the taxi waits outside? In what condition do you like to leave your house? Are there responsibilities you feel anxious to take care of? Are there habitual messes that are left or things you always forget? Do you always eat at a certain restaurant when you get on the road?)  

Day 1:

Getting to know the Bible: Read Exodus 12:1-13:22

What strikes you?

What do you learn about God in this passage?

In chapter 12, verse 26, the Israelites are given instructions for how to explain to their children what is going on. What is to be their answer?

Almost uniformly in the Bible, yeast [or “leaven”] represents sin. What significance might that symbolism have in this story?

Why else was unleavened bread crucial in this experience?

How do I apply myself to this message?

What does this tell you about how we should explain our religious practices to or involve children in our community? [see also 13:14-16]

How do you see God engaging with His creation in this passage? What does that tell you about how God might be able to be working around you?

Day 2:

Getting to know the Bible:

Pick one of these accounts of the Last Supper to read about [try a different one from last week]:

Matthew 26.17-30

Mark 14.12-26

Luke 23.1-24

What strikes you? What makes you uncomfortable? What encourages you?

What is something you new you notice in the account you read this week?

What connections do you see in the Last Supper to the Passover account in Exodus?

Why do you think Jesus would use Passover to communicate the message of communion?

How do I apply myself to this message?

How does this story change the relevance of the Passover story to you personally?