Looking for a way to get to know people in North Harbor better? We want to get to know you too! 

The mission of North Harbor’s Community Development Ministries is to provide opportunities for people to grow in relationship with the people of Jesus’ Body, the Church. We hope that through growing in relationship with people of the Church, you might have a stronger sense of belonging to Christ, His Body, and our community in particular. 

One way we aim to develop community at North Harbor is through community groups. Groups are currently starting back up for the fall. We are currently taking sign ups for groups. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact our Community Development Overseer, Zoë Reyes at zoefaithreyes@gmail.com or by calling (207) 319-7065. There are over 20 groups currently running at the Harbor. Here are the groups that currently have openings for interested new members (in no particular order): 

  • *UPCOMING* Financial Stewardship Class
    • Leaders: Ray and Hannah Whitney [email: ray.whitney127 {at} gmail.com]
    • When: Thursday evenings, 7:30pm, January 11-February 15,
    • Where: Whitney Household
    • Plan: Learn from our Pastor and a Financial Management professional about how to serve God rather than money with your resources
  • Monday Morning Bible Study
    • Leader: John Andrade. Email: johnthebaptist09@gmail.com
    • When: Monday Mornings, 8:30am
    • Where: Wild Oats, Brunswick
    • Plan: Bible 101 group, going through the book of Mark with lots of room for questions
  • Friday Morning Prayer-over-local-schools
    • Leader: John Andrade. Email: johnthebaptist09@gmail.com
    • Where: church office
    • When: every Friday morning from 6:45 to 7:15
    • Please Note: roughly every-other-week we travel to a different school and pray out front of the school, so do be sure to check in with John before showing up
  • Friday Morning Bible Study
  • Men's Group
    • Leader: John Andrade. Email: johnthebaptist09@gmail.com
    • When: 5am Wednesdays
    • Where: Church Office
    • Plan: The Purpose of North Harbor gender specific groups is to have a safe and comfortable space to offer and receive support. If you are not one for homework, and wish groups could spend the whole time sharing prayer requests, this is a great place for you!
    • Newcomers welcome at the beginning of new semesters
  • Commission Teams are the newest on the North Harbor scene (starting Fall 2014). Their shape, logistics, timing will be more particular to each group's definitions. 
    • The Purpose of North Harbor Commission Groups is to prayerfully and biblically explore in community how to pursue a common purpose in which the group members see God leading before them. These groups aim to support members to grow in relationship with Jesus’ Body through supporting one another in joining the power and hope of Christ to live and work for Christ.
    • Forney's Care Team

      • North Harbor is the sending church for Kim and Adam Forney, missionaries to the Czech Republic [click here to learn more]. The care team exists to pray for and support the Forney's, organize our church body to do so, and learn more about God's calling into missions so as to best aid the Forneys in their work. They are eager for new members to join them in their support work.  They currently gather on the first Sunday of every month after the worship service for 15 minutes to pray for the Forneys. Contact Kathleen Funderburk to learn more: katblot@yahoo.com.

    • Local Outreach Team

      • You do not have to travel abroad to do missionary work. A team of folks with a heart for the needs of our local neighbors meets regularly to pray, support one anothers service in the community, and strategize together how our church community can better show God's love to Midcoast Maine. They are eager to have other interested members join their work! Contact  John Andrade: johnthebaptist09@gmail.com for more information. 

    • Prayer Team
      These folks will sit in the back of the auditorium and pray quietly throughout the service: the pastor, the people in the service, Kids Cove....  It's going to be amazing to watch how God not only blesses our church, but the individuals in the church and those praying.  Prayer is how we communicate with our heavenly father and I think it's awesome we're taking this step as a church community.  Let Danielle Gustafson [dgustaf1979@gmail.com] know if you'd like to be on the team!

  • Discipleship Groups consist of 4 women OR men that make a minimum of a one year long commitment to the group. 
    • The Purpose of North Harbor Discipleship Groups is to be a space to grow in relationship with Jesus’ Body through spurring one another on in spiritual disciplines that help us to make a habit of being with Christ in our daily lives. 
      • We have many existing discipleship groups. Some have been around for years and some are just getting started. In order to encourage intimacy, vulnerability, and therefore deeper sharing and encouragement, most of these groups are closed once the members are set. Groups start once we are able to match members up with one another, so please let us know of your interest as soon as you're able and we will try to get you connected as soon as we can!   
  • [Insert your Vision here] Do you see God leading the way in a particular work? Would you like others to partner with you in this work? Contact Zoe {zoefaithreyes@gmail.com} to discuss starting a new group or team!